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Create & Post CV

If you want to take advantage of all that Offshore Job has to offer , start with the basics of creating and activating your CV. We will provide you with a guided form to gather... Read More

Job Offers

Browse through the jobs of your choice. Look at the requirements of the job. See if you would match the requirements. Our database has jobs from the most... Read More

Basic Help

Starting Offshore is not a simple business. Everybody needs some help on the way to desired Offshore job. For this reason we have provided you with a section...Read More

Advanced Help

Got your feet wet and you are ready to dive in and seriously advance your career in an offshore business? You have done all what you think is needed... Read More

Pro Help

PRO – become a real professional of a field! Plan that is called "Best buy plan" which combines not only free consultations with offshore experts... Read More

Ultimate Help

Climb the career ladder! This plan is designed for candidates, who seek for professional career offshore. Even if you are an experienced applicant... Read More

Expert Help

Full package of services to either the beginner, or an offshore professional. Exclusive plan offers guidance from A to Z. All information about starting offshore.... Read More

Assessment Services

If you want us to look through your CV or Cover Letter, we can help you out. If you have come up with a basic CV and cover letter that you would like to use for finding an offshore... Read More

Help Services

If you have no time or if you are simply looking for someone to help you, OJ team can create the best CV / cover letter for you. If you are serious about advancing your offshore... Read More