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  Job position Company Type of vessel Day Rate Type of contract Trip Length Location Date Posted
Chief Engineer OJ CREW Crew Boat NON DP 210 USD Full Time 3 months on/2 off Saudi Arabia April 18, 2019
Crew to Join Jack up Barge(self prop) OJ CREW Jack up Barge (self prop). Full Time 45-60 days on/off KSA-Aramco April 18, 2019
Chief Engineer OJ CREW Offshore Supply Ship Full Time 4 weeks North Europe April 18, 2019
Fitter-Motorman OJ CREW General Cargo 2200 EUR Full Time negotiable Mediterranean April 16, 2019
Chief Mate OJ CREW Container Ship 6500 USD Full Time 4 months -/+1 Central America April 12, 2019
AB Gretimybe LTD OSV 86 EUR Several Trips 5 weeks Unknown April 11, 2019
2nd Engineer WRS Hooper Barge Full Time 6 weeks North Sea April 10, 2019
2nd officer WRS HLO Permanent 6 weeks North Sea April 05, 2019
Master for Passenger vessel Clyde Marine Recruitment Passenger vessel Temporary 4-5 months Mediterranean April 05, 2019
Chief Engineer Clyde Marine Recruitment Dredger Temporary 4 weeks UK & EUROPE April 06, 2019