OJ Cover Letter Assessment
The Challenge

In Oil & Gas Industry we experience a lot of challenges and opportunities for a new jobs to find.

There are thousands of applications flying to the employer’s e-mail as soon as an opening is posted on any web site or job search portal.

  • How to become one of those lucky few who do get the job? How to get noticed by your potential employer?
  • Do you think that your letter has a poor structure or not made professionally?
  • Do you need in deep overview by experienced and skilled HR advisors team?
  • Have you noticed that you are not receiving the response from the Offshore owners?
  • Maybe you have something wrong in your cover letter which is not motivating the employer to contact you?
  • How to achieve the main purpose of your cover letter - to introduce you to an employer, to give them a frame of reference, and to provide a sample of your writing ability?

    Don’t you think it’s a time to get the proper assessment of your Cover Letter?

  • Have you ever had anyone give you feedback on your cover letter or wondered how your cover letter compares to others in the same industry?
  • Or maybe you would like a professional look to your Cover letter and have it assessed by an HR professional?

The Solution
We offer you a detailed assessment of your Cover Letter by HR team of professionals
  • Valuable feedback with ‘know how’ included in the service
  • 100% Money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Lowest fare for high quality assessment
  • The option to order the Cover Letter makeover
  • OJ team is here to provide you with valuable feedback on your cover letter. We offer a comprehensive individual review of your covering letter via email.
  • Benefit from our professional knowledge and expertise by having your cover letter assessed by our team. We will give you general advice, with no obligation, telling you how your cover letter could be improved to enhance your future job prospects.
  • Our assessment will contain not only valuable feedback on your cover letter, but will also include some good general tips on preparing an attractive cover letter.

Thank you for your help. I have been trying many times to change my CV, to make it short and useful, but never managed. I`m really impressed with your job. Now I can start to search for new job. One more time many thanks.

B. W., Master

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for various Offshore jobs.

Privacy Guarantee

at various locations around the globe.

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job contracts via our system.

What's included in this service
In depth evaluation

We will provide a clear appraisal of your existing CV with structured advice on how we would recommend to improve it.

E-mail based service

Our reply will be e-mailed back to you within five working days. We will not make telephone contact with you, although if you wish to contact us yourself, you are welcome to do so.


We adhere to very strict privacy policies. Your personal data related to OJ cover letter assessment services will not be handed over to any third parties.

Assessment Basic Overview & Suggestions
* this option is for free if you choose one of our payments plans