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Got your feet wet and you are ready to dive in and seriously advance your career in an offshore business? You have done all what you think is needed, but you cannot get "through"? How to get a job on an Offshore Vessel/Unit? How to progress your career? How to pass a job interview successfully?

Maybe the main barrier that is holding you from job is poor CV? Consult with our experts, get a CV assessment!

In addition all ADVANCED users are granted to use our Message System.

  • You can send private message directly to the employer;
  • You can respond on the job offer by sending message directly to the employer;
  • You can access and navigate your own message box. Send, receive and keep history track of the messages.
    Be sure - employers will receive and read it!
  • How to get Job Offshore
  • Working in Harsh Environments
  • How to Progress Career
  • How to pass Interview
  • Interview Questions & Answers
  • Interview General Preparations
  • Interview Tips & Advices
  • Tips for Job Searching
  • Management level Interview
  • Interview Q & A for: DPO, ETO, AD
  • Interview Q & A for: Sub-Sea Engineer
  • Interview Q & A for: Tool pusher, Driller
  • Interview Q & A for: Derrickman
  • Interview Q & A for: Mechanic, C/OP
  • How to create good Cover Letter
  • How to become Derrickman
  • How to become Sub-Sea Engineer
ADVANCED plan users are granted with:
  • Message System
  • 1 CV Assessment

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