Offshore Job Experts
Offshore Job Experts

Offshore Job Experts is not a crewing agency therefore we do not offer our jobs here, however OJE team decided to give you an exceptional opportunity to see world wide Offshore Jobs postings in one place, here in section OJ JOBS.

OJ team has selected most trusted sources, most reliable companies and most OJE recommended companies / crewing agencies as OJ main job posting source. Here you can find Word's latest Offshore job posts, view and apply directly to the source - you don't need to spend your time surfing internet and "hunting" for job posts, they are here - in one place. Navigate & select job post you like, and apply to the job post directly with the source. Vacancies are updated daily.

OJ CREW - a completely new project of Offshore Job Experts that is soon be launched in order to deliver High quality professional recruitment services all around the Globe. We are a group of professionals with long personal experience in the Oil & Gas industry. Our years of experience, cutting-edge knowledge & innovative solutions will speak for us. We operate a full end-to-end recruitment service for our clients, providing a range of services to facilitate contract requirements.  Our strength of high standard service & quality candidates is build up from effective partnerships with our clients and successful relationship with candidates.  Our goal is to match top talents with great jobs. OJ Crew – opens the doors to Oil & Gas Industry for professionals & delivers them with you!