OJ CV Makeover
The Challenge

The demand in Offshore Industry continues growing with high potential and Oil & Gas industry is constantly monitoring strongly motivated individuals with and without qualifications. Most of you do not even imagine the amount of Applications passing through HR department asking for a job. One of the strongest tools is professionally made CV (Curriculum Vitae).

  • Would you like brand new CV made by professionals?
  • Would you like to have CV different from others, outstanding CV?
  • Do you know that majority of potential employers are expecting to see and easily readable CV?
  • Did you know that main priority and a big attention is given to your first page of CV?
  • Would you like to have one made by the professional HR expertise?
  • You might have a good CV but you are not sure if your CV meets the offshore standards?
  • Would you like to have more attention from potential employers and be employed in the Offshore today?
  • How to become one of those lucky who gets the best Offshore job?
  • Do you want your CV looking much more attractive and outstanding one?
  • Do you want to take an opportunity and sell your services with the highest offshore rate?
  • You are just about to start your challenge, and you don`t have a CV yet?
  • You do have a CV but you are not sure if it meets offshore standards?
  • You think you have the very best CV, but something is wrong, and you can’t get through the employers’ "doors"?
  • Are you looking for CV templates & some tips?

New CV and cover letter looks and feels great. Very simple, powerful and professional. Never before have I seen my talents so well presented and straight to the point. Short and simple but tells a lot of myself. I hope that I will have a good luck in finding new job opportunity. Thank you very much.

G. N., Toolpusher
The Solution
  • Professional & different CV from what you've known, you will see obvious difference. OJ Experts gathering knowledge for best CV from all Oil & Gas sector & consulting companies - we know how to make the HIT!
  • We will create the most suitable CV according to your profile based on the most successful CV models, based on opinion of HR professionals who hire people every day to Offshore Industry. If you are applying for management level positions or if we see that our questionnaire is not enough to build your perfect CV profile, we will conduct a live interview with you to get more details about you. This way will collect maximum information to create an attractive, professionally looking and valuable CV.
  • The OJ experts are here to help you and make your CV look professional and much more attractive.
  • We know how to make a HIT from your CV by using our HR team, experienced many years in Offshore.
  • We will create the most suitable and attractive CV for the Lowest price on the Market!
  • Every CV is a unique and originally based on your profile.
  • Every CV is an INDIVIDUAL approach for each of you where all aspects are evaluated and reviewed in details.
  • 100% of Satisfaction and excellent feedback from users of OJ services
  • You will Increase chance to be hired Offshore with owner of your choice.
  • You will be surprised what a difference you will make once start applying with your new CV.
  • Your CV is like a sales proposal. It is an opportunity for you to pitch your services and to connect your ‘unique value position’ to need of an Offshore Company.
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • We have an excellent feedback from people who already used this service and proud that most of candidates get employed.
  • Our offshore HR experts will get all bits and pieces together and we guarantee that you will have the most compatible and attractive CV you ever had.

If you are confident in your CV but you would like a professional to look at it, send it to us for revision & assessment. Click here if you wish to continue with our service.

If you are not sure how to create a CV, we recommend to visit our "How to Create a CV" page for more information on the subject. Also we have several CV templates which we would recommend to use. Just visit "CV templates" section.

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What's included in this service
In depth evaluation

We will provide a clear appraisal of your existing CV with structured advice on how we would recommend to improve it.

E-mail based service

Our reply will be e-mailed back to you within five working days. We will not make telephone contact with you, although if you wish to contact us yourself, you are welcome to do so.


We adhere to very strict privacy policies. Your personal data related to OJ cover letter assessment services will not be handed over to any third parties.

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