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Job Position Company Type of vessel Day Rate Type of contract Trip Length Location Date Posted
AB OJ CREW Reefer 1791 USD Full Time 4 motnths +/- 1 South America August 03, 2020
Chief Engineer OJ CREW Merchant Fleet Vessels 6000 EUR Full Time 2.5-3 months Worldwide July 31, 2020
Crew to join Jack up OJ CREW Jack up (non self-propelled) 120 USD Full Time 10 weeks UAE July 29, 2020
Crew for Product Tanker OJ CREW Product tanker Not specified Full Time 4 months +/-1 Europe July 21, 2020
Fitter/Welder OJ CREW Reefer Vessel 2106 USD Full Time 4-5 months Europe July 20, 2020